Friday, December 14, 2007


Originally uploaded by CallieDelBraie
Saturday 15 december 2007:

A crossmedia remake of the classic play ‘Eh Joe’, by the legendary Samuel Beckett.

At the Teatro Massimo Falcone e Borsellino - Nuova Sicilia sim, 100,170,23 Second Life.

Two performance times of this show:

* 23:00 CET (SL 2pm PST)

* 00:00 CET (SL 3pm PST)

Live theatre / machinima:

This night will be exclusive to the Nuova Sicilia Community as this is an experiment. With ‘ Eh Oh’ , we look forward to testing several new aspects of SL Theatre production - including SL to SL live streaming video for facial close-ups of the actors in real time.

Please join the ‘Nuova Sicilia Friends‘ group in Second Life, for access to this virtual theatre show.


* Dutch actor Cupido Oh

* American actress CallieDel Boa

Directed by: SaveMe Oh

Stage design: Don Laprade

Live stage MachinimaCam: Hoeksteen Leven

Live stream director/producer: Ze Moo

Machinima video registration and editing: Chantal Harvey

‘Eh Oh’ premiered 11 november 2007


Thanks to: Nuova Sicilia community, Meta.Live.Nu (art & media lab), De Balie (RL theatre in Amsterdam, NL)


When the Nuova Sicilia sim is full: please watch the show for free inworld SL in the ‘Second Living Room’ video-theatre at the sim: Enschede 1,11,111 (Thanks to Montix, Second Enschede) Please join the SL group ‘Meta.Live.Nu‘ for help and info about this facility and other http://Meta.Live.Nu projects.

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